World Cup Fever On Movers & Shakers!

Photo: Kishor Kayastha
Photo: Kishor Kayastha

World-Cup-Movers-and-Shakers World-Cup-Movers-and-Shakers-1

It’s only the beginning right now and with the way things are picking up, everyone will be under the World Cup Fever by the end of it.

Kicking off the celebration is The Kathmandu Post’s weekend supplement MOVERS &  SHAKERS with a world cup theme photo-shoot featuring the models Krisha Shahi, Paramita Rana and Jyotsna Yogi. The photo has been snapped by Kishor Kayastha, clothing by Subexya Bhadel, the hair and make-up by Meena Kayastha and Bigen Thapa. I love the idea behind it, the whole muddy thing going on! Cool stuff.

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