FAR CRY 4 Setting Inspired By Nepal

FAR CRY 4 - Coming Soon
FAR CRY 4 – Coming Soon

The release of the game FAR CRY 4 might be several months down the line (Nov 20, 2014) but some of you might be pleased to know that the setting of the game has been inspired by Himalayan countries such as Bhutan and our very own Nepal. The makers of FAR CRY 4 took viewers on a journey in their recent Walkthrough video where they confirmed being inspired from the location, sites and scenery from Nepal and Bhutan. Not only that,  the single-player story follows “Ajay Ghale, who initially returns to his home country Kyrat-–a wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of despotic self-appointed King Pagan Min (played by Troy Baker)-–to scatter his mother’s ashes, but becomes caught up in a civil war”.

Doesn’t this sound all too familiar! Haha! Well there you have it!

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