Motivational Seminar With Saunak Bhatta – A SUCCESS!

Chief Guests at the event
Chief Guests at the event

Chief Guest Anil Keshari Shah
Mega Bank CEO Anil Keshari Shah

The Man Himself - Saunak Bhatta
The Man Himself – Saunak Bhatta

Mr. Saunak Bhatta

National Anthem Time!
National Anthem Time!

Better late than never!

Popular youth figure and a source of inspiration for many – Saunak Bhatta took the stage on 10th June 2014 at the Pragya Pathisthan Bhawan, Kamaladi, Kathmandu for an event titled “Motivational Seminar with Saunak Bhatta” organized by We Inspire Nepal in partnership with different youth organizations, corporate agencies, youth networks, development agencies, business houses along with diver media collaboration. The organizers confirm that the event has gone onto become the biggest motivational seminar in Nepal till date with 1500+ participants. The event saw the presence of various influential figures from educational, business, development, political and service oriented institutions. The chief guest was Minister Mr. Narayan Khadka.

The event attracted a strong crowd aged between 16-30 and many have labeled it as a very powerful life changing event. The main session consisted by Saunak Bhatta lasted for two hours.

Amazing to see examples of such active youths inspiring others! Changing the way they think! And promoting positive energy!

PS. Photo courtesy to EMDEE Photography!

Saunak Bhatta’s Portfolio:

Saunak Bhatta, is an Internationally Certified Speaker with awards such as Global Inspirational Voices Award, International Youth Council Member and many more. His endeavors have taken him to UK, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India sharing his words with Business Executives, Civil Societies, NGO’s, INGO’s and people in diverse fields. (Source: We Inspire Nepal)

We Inspire Nepal – WIN is a Personal and Leadership Development organisation that raises inspired, interpersonally skilled, aware and motivated human resource via unique designs, formulas, trainings, inspirational campaigns, motivational seminars and skill based projects to bring best out of a person and nurtures them with qualities that makes them a better human every day. 

A little video clip of Saunak Bhatta that I found on youtube!

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