Naren Limbu Astha Tamang Maskey and Rohit Shakya in UK!

Astha Tamang Maskey Rohit Shakya Naren Limbu UK

The stars of Parcha Production’s upcoming live music event NAREN LIMBU, ASTHA TAMANG MASKEY and ROHIT SHAKYA arrived in the UK few days ago! The popular musicians will take the stage in London on July 25. The event will be the very first live performance for all the acts in the UK! Naren Limbu has many hits under his belt from his time in Aastha and from his journey as a solo act. Be sure to sing Malai Vanna Audaina with Mr Limbu himself!

Aastha and Rohit have planned quite a show for the UK dates so don’t forget to head out and see them live. The duo have recently performed in Chitwan, Pokhara, Sikkim and Australia! Talk about a world tour huh!


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