Nepal Music Festival 2014 on Friday!

Photos from NMF Press Meet
Photos from NMF Press Meet

Photos from NMF Press Meet
Photos from NMF Press Meet

The Nepal Music Festival is back on Friday 12th of December! The annual music event celebrates music, Nepali musicians, cultural exchange and from this year it will also be providing space for social entrepreneurs! The NMF team have huge plans for the next few years, a plan that hopes to make an impact on the communities beyond Kathmandu. It all sounds gravy! This years event will feature many well known Nepali bands including Sabin Rai and The Elekrix, Mukti and Revival, Abhaya and The Steam Injuns and Albatross.

Nepal-Music-Festival Nepal-Music-Festival-1

Tickets are now on sale for NRS 100 and can be purchased at the mentioned locations displayed on the image! Buying the ticket on the day will cost Nrs 150! If you fancy a fun Friday with music, food, people and various entertainment then head over to Bhrikutimandap on Friday!

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