Satan In Your Stereo Video By UNDERSIDE

Popular Nepali metal band UNDERSIDE recently released their music video for SATAN IN YOUR STEREO and it’s quite a visual treat! The band who’s currently touring Australia dropped the video online on Jan 31, 2015. The video by FUZZ FACTORY Productions has been very well received by fans of the band. The set that they have created for the music video looks really good! The music!!! The music sounds great!

Great viewing!



Bbek- Drums
Manil- Bass
Bikash- guitars
Bkrant- Guitars

Dir: Rohit Shakya and Prasiit Sthapit
Edit: Rohit Shakya
Cinematography: Prasiit Sthapit
Production manager: Pratik Shakya
Art Direction: Okkhar Square
Make-up: Shreejana Shakya and Pramesh Sherchan 

What do you think?

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