“MY CHOICE” – Deepika Padukone

Bollywood actress DEEPIKA PADUKONE recently spoke about her battle with depression and now the actress has collaborated with #VOGUEEmpower for MY CHOICE! The short video which has racked up over 1 Million views in just two days has been directed by Homi Adajania and written by Kersi Khambatta. Along with Deepika, the video brings together 99 other women.


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  1. I like Deepika but Amrita Mukherjee has a strong point here and I couldn’t help sharing it. Do Care to read- popped my eyes out.

    Okay so as usual everybody is going gaga over the new video ‘starring’ Deepika Padukone, and as usual I am here to dissect it. Apparently all of you are highly appreciative of the message. Whose message again? Vogue’s message. Not Deepika’s but Vogue’s. What exactly does the Vogue magazine do? Why was it marketed. Well, if you must know, since its inception, the magazine targeted the new New York aristocracy, establishing social norms in a country that did not value class and ceremony as much as England or France. See the primary problem I have with the primary party involved with the commercial, which you mistook as a ‘message’? Vogue fucking India now wants to ’empower’ women. And how? By this? Seriously, you want me to believe you did not get their marketing strategy? You want me to believe that you had no damn idea that they want to sell their product to an audience going high on ‘indian feminism’ at the moment? Oh, hold on…I forgot. You just see what they want you to see.
    Next, let’s come to the messenger involved. Deepika Padukone.
    It’s my choice how I live my life – that seems to be the entire point of this video at first glance. If it was solely so, I wouldn’t have had a problem with it but it is not so.
    It states along with the above, that I am robbing you of a chance to criticize, no matter what I do.
    Take note of a few things she states,
    1. “to have sex outside marriage, my choice” – would you look at your male partner the same way and wouldn’t criticize if he did that either? Your partner HAS the right to criticize your sexual activities outside the relationship, if you are involved in a monogamous relationship.
    2. “To be a size 0 or a size 15” – no, no one has the right to bodyshame you if you don’t stick to the social standards of beauty. But you are a fucking hypocrite, who, on one hand shoots a video against body shaming and on the other gets paid to promote a cereal product (Kellog’s Special K), which apparently helps you lose weight ‘for the wedding season’ so that you don’t lose your confidence instead. And what about your Garnier fairness cream advert. Yes, you promoted the fact that you consider lighter skin tone better than darker. And remember, it’s a person’s choice whether the person will sleep with another overweight person or not. Taking a look at the people you have dated, I would say, you too stick to the ‘hunk’ standard in men.
    3. “You are my choice, I’m not your privilege” – That is totally vice versa. Don’t you go about jabbing as if it’s an one way traffic.
    4. “to have your baby or not” – Fuck with you! That is a couple’s choice. Just like you have the ovary and the egg, the man has the sperm. It’s a decision that is taken between two sane adults, both of whom will share the love and responsibility involved. But then, I guess your brand of feminism doesn’t have much sanity left.
    Lastly let’s take a look at your choices, or let’s call it your fingerprints in your own words. You were a talented badminton player but you joined the most female objectifying profession in the universe. You joined fucking bollywood to get paid because you have a cleavage! YOU DON’T TEACH PEOPLE ABOUT PATRIARCHY. YOU ARE A PART OF IT! Keep your mouth shut and keep on raking the moolah as long as drooling males pay to watch your size 0.

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