Shushil Shrestha and Shashi Shrestha on WAVE Mag!


The leading pair of the upcoming film HOSTEL RETURNS Shushil Shrestha and Shashi Shrestha look scorching hot on the cover of this months WAVE Magazine! Shushil and Shashi look super cool in the photo snapped by Arjun Shah. The hair and make-up has been done by Bipashi Tuladhar with styling and wardrobe by Maya. Seeing their photo, I can only think of international perfume ads! Must be the make-up, style and edit too! It works, they look desirable. Don’t know who to look at! *_*

WAVE-Magazine-July-2015-Sushil-Shrestha-Shashi Sushil-Shrestha-Hostel-Returns

Hostel Returns, the sequel to the popular film HOSTEL will be released in Nepal on the 21st of August (Bhadra 4, 2072).

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