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At the end of every school year, thousands of young hopefuls make their journey to Kathmandu to pursue higher education. This journey will see a lot of young folks confused about choosing the right college, program of study, area to live in and for many – the right hostel! It can even be a challenge to locate a hostel in the first place. Are you going to follow a friends recommendation or pick a hostel that’s convenient for you – a lot of questions to tend to! is a web portal to help students get the right information of hostels in a more comfortable way. The website aims to include the information of all the hostels inside Kathmandu valley. In order to ensure that the students will get accurate and enough information, they are trying their best to collect as much information as possible about the hostels in the capital city. Go ahead and try it – you can find a hostel or even add your own hostel!

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Lex Limbu
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