PRIDE CLIMBING HIGHER – Stories By LGBT People From Nepal


PRIDE CLIMBING HIGHER is a collection of autobiographical stories written by variously identified Nepali people about their sexuality, gender identities, lives, and social contexts. Creative Nepal, a platform for the creative expression of sexuality and gender issues in Nepal launched the book at BEC Art Cafe in Pulchowk yesterday. The book features stories of variously identified writers, their experiences, lessons and views.

The book is available in both English and Nepali. You can download the English version here. I’ll share my thoughts and views about the book when I finish reading it. hosts research conducted by sexual and gender minority peoples in Kathmandu, Nepal. Conceived as a component of a wider project exploringSexual Subjectivities, Law and Development the aim of the project was to add visual depth and engagement to the research, and to offer co-researchers and collaborators in the project a means to creatively portray and explore their own life-worlds.

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