Behind The Scenes With Shristi Shrestha And Anoop Bikram Shahi


I haven’t seen such a good looking pair of models in such a long time. Here’s some exclusive photos courtesy of of Shristi Shrestha and Anoop Bikram Shahi from their upcoming music video. The video looks like it was filmed in a nice pretty house in Kathmandu and the models look beautiful together. I really hope a film director sees this and gets them together to do an easy-going romcom together.

The upcoming music video has been directed by Bijesh Poudel, sung by Devika Bandana, lyrics by Usha Sherchan, composed by Kalyan Singh and make-up by Sakil Kunwar. The photos have been captured by Maheswor Man Singh for

Shristi-Shrestha-Anoop-Bikram-Shahi-7 Shristi-Shrestha-Anoop-Bikram-Shahi-BTS-TEAM-PHOTO

Can we get Shristi on a upbeat club/item track! That would be fun!

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