Day With The Elephants in Kasara Resort – Chitwan


Kasara Resort have just earned some brownie points for the introduction of JUMBO DAY!

What is a JUMBO DAY?

You basically spend a memorable day with an elephant; feed it, bathe it, walk around with it and fall in love with the big and beautiful giant.

Why JUMBO DAY is cool?

Many tourists are turned off by the idea of elephant safari because there are times when the elephants mahout use force and hit the elephants. Having four people on the back of the elephant and the mount can also cause pain and stress on the elephants back and around it’s tail where the rope usually goes. JUMBO DAY is a better approach to spending time with an elephant and respecting the animal.

Some might read this and just think I’m writing nice words and really just promoting Kasara Resort but I am actually focusing on a better environment for the elephants. I have been on elephant safaris and elephant bathing but I also realise that we need to move towards creating packages where tourists are offered an opportunity to spend time with elephants on an equal level. This is a great start by Kasara Resort and I hope many other resorts and service providers follow a similar path. 

PS. Some travel agents operating in Europe do not promote resorts which have elephant safaris. On that note, Elephant Aid International are doing a wonderful job with the “chain free means pain free” campaign in Chitwan as well.

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