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The spectacular rise of trail runner MIRA RAI has been amazing to observe! She has an amazing story to tell; a story of determination and drive and now her story will be shared with the world in December with the release of MIRA RAI short film. The trailer looks visually stunning and I am sure it’s going to be an inspiring watch for people all over, to believe, to go out there and to do it.

Here’s one of the highlights from the Mira Rai website.


Why a film about Mira?

  • Nepali school girls are sorely in need of positive role models. The film, in Mira’s native language, demonstrates what women can achieve in a gender biased society. Mira hopes this will inspire young girls across Nepal.
  • In less than a year she has reached elite level in a sport that she never knew existed. This is an opportunity for Mira to tell her story in her own words.
  • She has an uncommon (and still unfolding) story of success starting from zero with hard work and single-minded determination to achieve something and to be someone. This is inspiring no matter who you are.

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