Priyanka and Ayushman Sing Maya Ta Maya Ho


Priyanka and Ayushman who both made it on the list of TOP 10 attractive women and men by Saptahik last week surprised their followers on Valentines Day with a cover of MAYA TA MAYA HO from the Nepali film CHINO. The duo who have in the past featured in a music video together look beautiful, hot and all sorts of attractive on screen but I can’t help feeling that the song cover lacked in some ways. Maybe a different song would’ve sounded better.

Nonetheless, this cover of Maya Ta Maya Ho is definitely a treat for the fans of Priyanka and Ayushman.

What do you guys think! Let me know.


The Fanko actress is currently in Dubai for a Valentines Day themed event. Priyanka has been sharing updates from her Dubai trip to her 100,000 followers on Insta including these snaps of her in front of the Burj Al Khalifa! She’s probably burned a few passports by now with all the travelling that she has been doing for the past few years! She was supposed to fly straight from Dubai to Hong Kong to attend another show however the actress faced some visa dilemma in Dubai Airport which stopped her from flying and missing the show in Hong Kong. The actress quickly took to Facebook to inform her fans about the situation. Isn’t she a wonderful sport!

Looks like 2016 will take Priyanka to many more countries.

Priyanka-Karki-Dubai-2016 Priyanka-Karki-Dubai-2016-a

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