Throwback Thursday – HARPAL By Aastha Band

On today’s Throwback Thursday, we have this amazing throwback song which you probably sang non-stop with your friends once upon a time. HARPAL by Aastha Band featuring Naren Limbu and Sudip Gurung burst them into the Nepali pop scene and they quickly became the two hottest boys in the music scene. Not only did they have a following of thousands but those sunglasses and that ‘popstar look’ really kicked off.

The song lives on for so many reasons! Nostalgia! Pop-perfection! It’s still one of those songs that people sing in unison during antakshari or when the slightly older Nepalese boys and girls hang out and jam with their guitar.

Lyrically, what a cheesy sweet song. Now, if only us singletons find someone to sing this to. #BintiChaMeroMayaBujhideu

Enjoy the live performance by Naren and Sudip in London of Harpal.

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