It has certainly been a while since I last came across a Kamal Man Singh song. There were days when you would hear his husky voice on the radio singing “O Katti Mitho Maya” and see his videos blasting on TV repeatedly. Kamal Man Singh fans can rejoice as he features in this new song! Let’s call this an electronic dance music (EDM) treat! The Parkhai Ko Pida singer features in the song Aaja Ko Yo Raat by UK based aspiring rapper Sudhan Gurung. The feel good pop/rap record has so much potential provided a snazzy, groovy music video goes along with it.

The video for Aaja Ko Yo Raat will drop by the end of August. I am really digging the music as well. Let’s just hope the video takes the song and the whole production further and reaches more people along the way.

PS. Digging the part when Kamal Man Singh sings his “Parkhai Ko Pida” lines. Pop classic.

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