The First Look Of KARKHANA Is Here!

Sushil Shrestha and Barsha Siwakoti starrer KARKHANA‘s first look is here! The model turned actor Shrestha looks like he’s involved in quite a few punch-ups in the film. Whilst not a lot has been revealed about KARKHANA’s plot, we do know that it’s got romance – obviously – and follows the journey of a wrong choice made by a woman (I’m guessing the woman is Barsha Siwakoti).

At 0:28, the actors are on what is probably the nicest bus I’ve seen. That made me skip back and play that part again. I’m starting to think that the girl in the film falls in love with a bad guy? Or maybe a guy with a dangerous profession. Hmm!

All will only be revealed when the film hits the cinemas sometime in December.

PS. Was it only me or did the background score between 0:51 and 0:58 sound familiar? Maybe it’s common.

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