Ten Instagram Posts By Gaumaya Gurung Worth Reading!

If you’ follow Gaumaya on social media then you’ll have read some of her beautiful writings. The many photos she shares on Instagram come with some wonderfully written experiences, thoughts and views of life and living. The former Miss UK Nepal who is an ophthalmologist by profession lives in the UK and has spent quite a chunk of her time travelling to different parts of the world for leisure and also for work.

I’ve only managed to screen-grab a few photos with their captions to share here. You can visit her Instagram Page to see more photos and read some amazing captions – I couldn’t screengrab the longer captions as I wanted everything to fit into the image.

She has said time and again that she no longer wishes to be a role model so I won’t pressure her by saying that she is one but I’ll just write that through her words alone that she is an inspiring figure.

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