Watch 100 Years Of Beauty In Nepal

This is AMAZING! Inspired by’s series of time-lapse videos which showcase beauty trends of different countries around the world, the 100 Years of Beauty Nepal featuring Shilpa Maskey makes for a pleasant viewing! This is what happens when people get inspired and use it well to do something. Watch Shilpa in this 100 YEARS OF BEAUTY video! Ramuna Pun shared about the personal project on Instagram (rphotografy) saying “We have taken a similar approach in portraying the women of Nepal of the past century-Historic, Royals, idols and the ordinary.”

I love it! Shilpa looks beautiful in each era and this is pretty amazing. I hope a lot of people see this and hopefully many young people.

Few people worth mentioning here is Tina and Swechha on make-up, Amber who did the camera-work and Donna-Maria for the soundtrack! I can’t wait to see what else Ramuna comes up with in 2017!


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