Talking LOOT 2 With Director Nischal Basnet

Nepali crime action film LOOT took Nepali cinema by storm in 2012. It also propelled actors Saugat Malla and Dayahang Rai to become household names. LOOT was a story revolving around Kathmandu, focusing on a group of guys desperate attempt to find a short-cut to wealth. Not only did LOOT win the heart of audiences in Nepal and abroad, the song Udhreko Choli went onto become a popular hit with the young and old.


Five years later and the LOOT fever is slowly peaking! This time it’s LOOT 2! The song Thamel Bazar has already done wonders and millions have already listened and probably danced to it. Director Nischal Basnet is preparing for the release of the theatrical trailer on Thursday, (5 Jan) and I managed to throw some questions about his third directorial venture!


LEX: As a director, what are some significant things you’ve learned after making LOOT?

NISCHAL: After LOOT my real understanding of films began… I was a rookie till then but the success got me the limelight by surprise… Loot taught me to keep dreaming and keep using my common sense when I write or direct movies. Never underestimate the viewer.

LEX: How is LOOT 2 different from the first LOOT? 

NISCHAL: Loot 2 isnt much different from Loot as its the continuation to the previous one, all the characters and their motives have grown to the present time… the trailer shows revenge and yes there is will be a little more action this time. All the stunts were performed live without the use of Vfx. It was challenging but it has enhanced the film. Its an entertainer, I hope it entertains the audiences and not just me.

LEX: As always, sequels have big expectations from people and with the magnitude of success that LOOT received, what are your current thoughts about how the film will be received by the people who are eagerly awaiting the release? 

NISCHAL: Im aware about the expectation but I’ve done what I can. The movie isnt a disappointment to me but I can do nothing about the comparision that will envitably happen. Likes or dislikes I have to accept and move ahead for a better one.

LEX: The song Thamel Bazar has become a huge hit already, how did you/team decide on Alisha Rai for the number?

NISCHAL: We had a closed audition where few ladies were called for the audition. I am always looking for new and struggling talents. It was her dance that convinced us… she also had to act in the film and that was more challenging… casting opposite Dayahang Rai was not an easy task… a small mistake and the scenes would turn out ugly. But her hard work and a few acting sessions with Buddhi Tamang (HAAIT) helped her find the character. Other actors were constantly helping her out during the workshop. She’s done a decent work. I hope you’ll like her work apart from the dancing as well.

LEX: Leaving LOOT 2 on the side, what did you get up to on New Year’s Eve?

NISCHAL: It was a calm and quite New Yrs eve and a calm and quite New Yrs morning with black tea for me n Swastima this year. Mom wasnt well and admitted at the hospital. She’s fine and home now.

LEX: For a lot of people who want to see you on the big-screen, will you be working on any films as an actor in 2017? A small cameo in LOOT 2 possibly?

NISCHAL: ‘Dui Rupiya’ to be directed by Asim Shah will have Asif Shah and me in the lead in 2017. Im LEXCITED as the script has really come out good. My cameo in loot 2 has already been seen in THAMEL BAZAR… thats all for me.LEX: Finally, before I leave you. What has been your highlight of 2016?

NISCHAL: I got married to my lovely wife Swastima in 2016, HIGHLIGHT! 

Thank youuu Nischal!

PS. I think my highlight was when Nischal Basnet got pranked by Aayush Rimal! Swastima’s acting was flawless. Wait, Swastima Bhauju I mean… National bhauju right? Lolz.

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