TASHI’S TURBINE – A Documentary On A Village’s Attempt To Harness Renewable Energy

So I stumbled across the trailer of Tashi’s Turbine, a feature length documentary which tells the tale of a small village’s attempt to harness renewable, sustainable energy with the power of the wind. The GREAT news is, the documentary is on Vimeo On Demand, which means for £7.89, you can rent the film on Vimeo for 48 hours. Similar to that of Mira Rai Film on Vimeo.

The film by Nepali American director Amitabh Joshi has been screened in a number of film festivals. Director Joshi shared his interest “in telling less known stories”, adding that he likes “to focus on stories that inspire change”. You can catch the full interview with CAAMedia on the link here!

Tashi’s Turbine from Documentary Educational Resource on Vimeo.

Hopefully, I get some time to watch the video by next week! Can’t wait. Looks good.

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