VIDEO: Unique Cantilever Pathway in Gorkha!

Now here’s something that’s probably not for the faint hearted! After the earthquake in April 2015 destroyed many sections of the Budi Gandaki Trail, engineers worked round the clock to think of ways to connect the remote mountain villages, tour routes and to get supplies up and down rural Gorkha! An idea to develop Nepal’s first cantilever pathway came into fruition.

The 195m metal path is used by villagers, porters, mule trains and was constructed by DFID. Unsurprisingly, the construction of the pathway required workers to be trained in mountaineering skills as they hung on the cliff to drill the steel support beams. In the video by Nepali Times (below), it is reported that the cantilever path took two months to complete at a cost of NRS 38 million.


It looks so scary! I’d love to visit it! The skilled engineers who were involved in this project are now working on another cantilever pathway in Syar Khola of Tsum Valley where the trail was also destroyed during the earthquake in 2015.

Check it out in the video below! Incredible engineering!

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