Samragyee RL Shah Brings Fire In These Commercial Ads!

If there’s one new actress who has grabbed my attention from her first line then it’s definitely the DREAMS actress Samragyee RL Shah. Let’s be honest here, I wasn’t watching DREAMS to be wowed after reading too many reviews but seeing her in the film was worth every minute. She comes across so spunky in the film and even in her interviews!

Unsurprisingly, Miss Shah has landed quite a few film offers and also took home a few debut actress awards. If you’re a follower then you’ll know she was recently filming in very cold locations, thanks winter, and that her commercial for Classic Diamond Jewellers also recently came out.

Love how the commercial is executed! She’s got fire in those eyes! I can’t wait for her films. I hope she does more bad-ass, fierce, sassy roles.

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Lex Limbu
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