Poztive Vivre Throws It Back With A Cover Of Suna Katha Euta Geet

YouTuber Poztive Vivre is undoubtedly one of the most charismatic singers that I’ve come across on the webosphere. The way she plays the guitar and sings so beautifully, it’s no surprise her videos rack up over thousands of views after a short while. Her latest throws it back to the golden era of Nepali cinema with the song ‘Suna Katha Euta Geet’ from the film SAINO. A marvellous job she’d done with this cover!

A favourite song of mine which she has covered is Ekai Nazar Ma! I love that song. I only heard of the song through the remix which came out in 2003-5 time and after that I did my research and also listened to the original. So good to hear her version of it. Such a strong voice.

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  1. I am from bd. I don’t understand her language but i am very much fan of her voice. her voice really pretty & cool. He is just awesomeeeee <3

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