Niti Shah Features In A Video About Use Of Social Media!

The very well known model and also a contestant in this years Miss Nepal pageant NITI SHAH features in a short video on use of social media! Titled ‘Beyond The Screen’ the video by Red Circle starts off by showing how people use social media. The way they show the messages popping up, I love that! That basically describes us. Many times I find myself lost in my trail of thought. I open Twitter and then find something on Twitter that I want to search in Instagram and when I’m there, a Whatsapp notification drags me to the messaging app and after I’m done with the conversation on Whatsapp, I’m left wondering why I was on Instagram. Social media, makes you feel so connected yet so disconnected at the same time.

Love how the video ends up with the stats and this line “On an average,this generation spends 2.5 Hours on social media everyday. Imagine that time being saved for yourself.” 

Play safe. Enjoy yourself, enjoy meeting others, getting to know people in reality as well as discovering your surrounding and the far away.


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Lex Limbu
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  1. She is clearly so uncomfortable speaking in english. Why couldn’t they just do the voice over in Nepali?

    • Who are you to judge….? and moreover she is not speaking to anybody on screen but reading at the background and when you read this is how it sounds. I think she was conscious while reading but didn’t sound bad. She can improve and there is always a room for it. I wish Niti Shah best of luck…. 🙂

      • Just saying that we could make more videos in nepali too instead of forcing ppl to speak in english to sound ‘cool’. It would be a nice change. And about Niti Shah, she is just a pretty face and has no screen presence or personality. But in nepal, a pretty face will always be given importance over brains. I am saying this after watching the Miss nepal pageant. She sounded like a 4 yr old giving answers and still won ‘Miss Nepal International’ while Nikita Chandak who was more eloquent is still facing backlash because she is not ‘fair and lovely’ by nepali standards.

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