SANRAKSHAN Trailer Puts Madhesh In Focus!

A freshly released theatrical trailer of SANRAKSHAN starring Nikhil Upreti and Saugat Malla puts the focus on Madhesh, identity and politics! The film by director Purnendu Jha revolves around the political revolution that has taken place along the southern plains of Nepal touching on power, police, politics, people and the press. The film also stars Malina Joshi, Aashishma Nakarmi and Pramod Agrahari in lead roles.

SANRAKSHAN trailer grabbed my attention! Saugat Malla looks at ease playing the role of a DSP from Terai and it seems like Nikhil Upreti plays the big cop from possibly Kathmandu who comes to, bring everyone together? I sense a bit of ‘unity in diversity’ going on there. Sanrakshan has been filmed in Birgunj. The film will hit cinemas on August 11!

Enjoy the HOLI song from Sanrakshan.

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