Is ZARA Opening A Store In Kathmandu?

Well according to a recent job advertisement posted by Job Market Nepal, this might just be true! The Spanish clothing company ZARA may be opening in the capital very soon. The ad is calling for a store manager with 5-7 years experience with salary and benefits of Nrs 60,000. The additional information states that the new ZARA store will be opened in September and hire a team of up to 40! Well! Now, THAT my friend would be an interesting development. That also makes me wonder, the ZARA that’s currently located in Durbar Marg… what is that then?


Honestly, there are some stores in Kathmandu which seem to be a carbon copy of international chains and it’s pretty difficult to figure out if they’re an official franchise or operating rogue. Also, clothes being sold in the various malls in Kathmandu cost literally a bomb! The prices are horrendous. Alright, I’ll take my leave.

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Lex Limbu
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