VJ Music Just Dropped TIMILAI MV And It’s Pretty Amazing!

VJ and Priety’s TIMILAI is probably the best romantic ballad to drop this month. The musicians who’ve racked up fans from all over the world thanks to their ever-so-sweet covers now have a number of originals that is equally good! TIMILAI not only sounds great but the video takes the song further. Dipson Ghale (Kiddo), Jan-Michael Abuton, and Carl Russell Monzon’s dance choreography adds immense visual value in the video and of course, Zac Rai is the director behind this stunning video!

The intro scene, outdoor scenes, solo shots of VJ and Priety to the dance being fused into the video makes this an incredible viewing experience. Take a bow Zac Rai. Seeing the young directors growth is literally everything. Truly amazing to see the level of art that is produced when the creative come together. The music has been produced by Jay Author (Metanoia Records) and Brijesh Shrestha (NESS Beats).

Love it!

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