Meghna Lama’s Documentary PINK TIFFANY At KIMFF 2017

PINK TIFFANY the story of Meghna Lama – a torch-bearer for the transgender community in Nepal will also be one of the 76 films that will be screening at the 15th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival. The film by Sophia Dia Pegrum follows the life of Meghna, a model, entrepreneur and a LGBTI+ rights activist. Having followed Meghna’s journey from 2011 to now (Meghna briefly features in Gay Pride Nepal video as part of Lex in Nepal webseries), I am super pleased to learn that her story will now be in this documentary by De Pegrum.

Turning entrepreneur, Meghna opened PINK TIFFANY restaurant in Basantapur and Thamel. The LGBTI+ friendly spot has quickly become a favourite amongst tourists and the general public. The PINK TIFFANY documentary also features Meghna’s friends and family. I would love to be at KIMFF to view the documentary and to cheer Meghna on. We need more individuals like her who are brave to be themselves. The creator writes “Bravely embracing her transformation in a culture that often values sons and daughters very differently, her dauntless attitude and spirited laugh are a powerful reminder of not only what it is to be transgender in Nepal, but ultimately, what it is to be human.”

The 40 minute long documentary will be screened on December 16th from 1PM at QFX Kumari.

Pink Tiffany – Documentary Film Trailer from Sophie Dia Pegrum on Vimeo.


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