EXPERIENCE PERU In Its Entirety With Namas Adventure!

With the Machu Pichu often on the bucket list of travellers, the EXPERIENCE PERU 2018 tour aims to meet the desire for travel and adventure added with a quality amount of social experience that aims to take the modern-day globe-trotter beyond the pages recommended by the guide books and into the heart of the real Peru. The land of the Incas have lured millions of tourists annually and with Namas Adventure’s EXPERIENCE PERU package, travellers will receive a grand tour of the Cusco city leaving ample opportunities to see the culture and taste the mouth-tingling local delicacies. With a focus on cultivating special relationship with the community, Namas Adventures Experience Peru itinerary offers a glimpse into CHINCHERO, a living Inca city offering travellers an opportunity to meet local Inca families and explore their community.

The itinerary prides itself in giving travellers a deeper insight into Peru beyond the famed World Heritage Site of Machu Pichu, as a trip to the Rainbow Mountain is also included on the eleventh day. The drastic landscape and vivid colours is enough to make everyone log straight onto their Instagram for a real-time update. As Experience Peru uncovers gems such as the Rainbow Mountain and the magnificent salt mines of Maras, the bond that travellers create with families and children in Chinchero and Wayki will long be remembered along with the photos of Machu Pichu and the adorable alpacas that are guaranteed to flood social media profiles.

With the tagline of ‘Live Your Story’, the travel company hopes to not only bring travellers to the wonders of the world but provide the authentic scent and the colours to stir up your senses and bring a new story! Namas Adventure’s EXPERIENCE PERU adventure is 12 DAYS long between June 25th and July 6th, priced at £1350 per person based on two bookings. Those interested in single bookings are advised to get in touch directly at namas[@]namasadventure.com

If you are a traveller that loves unique experiences then EXPERIENCE PERU PLUS is a perfect add-on providing a stay at the exclusive Skylodge Adventure Suites which offers panoramic views of the terrain and a bedroom like nowhere else in the world. This extended trip also includes a zip wire adventure where you can fly over the magical valley and a hike up to the sacred valley of Via Ferrata. The EXPERIENCE PERU PLUS runs from June 25 to July 8 at a cost of £1750 per person.

$270 or £200 deposit required with a full payment to be made 40 days before the trip date.


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