GURKHA CHAUTARI To Open For Gurkha Veterans In Aldershot

With the situation of many Gurkha veterans living in the UK being far from ideal, Gurkha Chautari (rest space) in Aldershot will aim to address this by offering the veterans a place where they can go with their family and friends to relax. The army town has one of the largest concentrations of Gurkha veterans in the UK. As many elderly Gurkha veterans are without any immediate family members and lacking the much required support network, they struggle to adapt and understand the customs and regulations of the UK. Furthermore, with challenging living conditions where many share small spaces and have been found wandering aimlessly in the streets, parks and shopping malls during winter and summer, this had been a pressing issue for the Nepalese community in the UK.

When it opens on the 8th of May, the Gurkha Chautari will be a safe space where these veterans can enjoy Nepali films and documentaries as well as being a social space with tea, coffee and biscuits on offer. A Help Desk will also be provided for services including translation and explaining official letters and documents. The Chautari will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 12PM midday and 3PM in the afternoon on the second floor of the Empire Hall on High Street, Aldershot.


The Chautari is a community group formed by Veterans and friends in the local community. They currently have funding for only the first three months. To enable them to continue, they will welcome donations of £1 from the veterans on entry and have also welcome donations from local businesses and the community.

If you want to help or to donate, please email at 
Bishnu Shrestha (Capt. (Retd.) Ex 7 GR)
Bente Samuel

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