Namrata Shrestha Chops It All Off For XIRA Film!

It’s a case of “Long hair, Dont Care” for Namrata Shrestha as the actress debuted a new short look at the press launch of her new film XIRA (pronounced Zaira) on Tuesday afternoon! We may be used to seeing her in love stories but she’s ready to shake that image off with the upcoming action film XIRA. The film has a fresh team – it’s not only director Ashutosh Shrestha who’s making his first entry into Nepali cinema but joining him are debut actors Srijana Regmi, Suzta Shrestha and Samrat Magar. The film also stars Ramon Dash Shrestha and Anoop Bikram Shahi.

The actors of XIRA arrived at the press launch in character and unsurprisingly, Namrata’s new short hairdo wowed many in the audience. Her dedication towards XIRA will definitely be remembered. With the tentative release date of the film towards the end of 2018, XIRA will be launched in an animated comic version ahead of the film release. Srijana Regmi, Samrat Magar and Suzta Shrestha spoke about the challenges of facing the camera and the support that they received from the entire team as well as Namrata during the filming. Namrata shared about the gruelling six months physical training to bring her body to form! I mean, she has always been in form but I cannot wait to see her pack a punch in the film! Get it girl!

Director Ashutosh Shrestha shared that the filming for XIRA is finished. Woohoo! Looks like the steeper uphill journey begins now for the post-production team. Really looking forward to XIRA!


Samrat, Namrata, Suzta, Srijana.
PHOTO: Nirnit Tandukar

Srijana and Namrata.
PHOTO: Nirnit Tandukar

PHOTO: Nirnit Tandukar

PHOTO: Nirnit Tandukar

Director Ashutosh Shrestha.
PHOTO: Nirnit Tandukar

PHOTO: Nirnit Tandukar

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