Romeo and Munas PAL PAL Video!

Okay, we have to talk about Romeo & Muna. The film of course. The song Sandwich Me from Romeo & Muna had a fine video but in terms of the song and the overall content, it was one to add to the list for forgettable songs. I mean in all honesty, it really did not add much value nor entertainment. Then comes along a song and video which seems to be on the other end of the scale! PAL PAL from Romeo & Muna was totally unexpected! Sukmit Gurung’s PAL PAL has received a complete new video with Shristi Shrestha and Vinay Shrestha. The video which is a tribute to the painter Vincent Van Gogh literally sees the two actors in a visual painting.

On to the visual painting part – I loved it. Now I realise some of you may think I am only saying this because Shristi’s my friend but really, I am being all honest here. Besides, friends can *sometimes* get away saying the meanest and most honest things right. Surprisingly, another friend of mine mentioned how the video for Pal Pal looks like it was simply created for a college project of some sort. I tried hard seeing it from their perspective but I couldn’t. So I’ll leave the same question to you guys – the PAL PAL video, what do you guys think?

PS. The SANDWICH ME video is below for those who would like to view!

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