Robot Waiters At Your Service At Naulo Restaurant

It really does look like robots will soon be taking over the job of humans. Forget Ram or Ramita, it’s actually Robot Ginger that greets the diners and brings their food to the table at NAULO Restaurant in Durbar Marg. Whilst the restaurant is not the first to introduce robot as waiters in Nepal, it is the first digitalised robotic restaurant featuring menu’s on digital screens on tables! You can order directly from the table. This really sounds like the perfect place for those who want to engage in little conversation as possible.

The five robots that are at NAULO have all been designed and manufactured by Paaila Technology, a Nepali company established by six young engineers. So this is a pretty cool going for the team and something to rave about! I wonder how these Made in Nepal robots ended up getting names such as Ginger and Ferry and not something like Hari or Tenzin.

Well I am sure the food is equally good but Hey, I definitely think this would be a memorable experience for young ones aye! I’ve been to a restaurant where I’ve ordered from the digital screen on the table but have yet to be served by a robot waiter. Might have to add it on the ‘To Do’ list.

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