Hira by Meena Dangol, A tribute to Hira Lal Dangol At Yellow Durbar

Meena Dangol’s first solo exhibition “Hira by Meena Dangol” will be a tribute to her father, veteran artist Late Hira Lal Dangol. The Late Hira Lal Dangol’s stellar work for American ornithologist Robert Fleming for the book ‘Birds of Nepal’ established himself as a respected artist and went onto inspire his family to take up art. The Dangol family have been referred as Nepal’s bird family.

Hira by Meena Dangol will take place at Yellow Durbar in Sanepa from 24th to 26th May. Consisting of thirty paintings, the exhibition by Meena Dangol will showcase varieties of birds in the most vivid way from the blue skies to the lush jungles. Dangol’s signature art of Owls will be on display as well.

The exhibition will be attended by key guests and notable figures consisting of many inspiring women from various backgrounds. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to ‘Education for Girls’ via JCI Kathmandu Lady Nepal.

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