Feel The Thrill At Dhulikhel Zipline!

Let your inner Superman or Superwoman out with the Dhulikhel Zipline! It’s the nearest zipline centre from Kathmandu, located only 30km away and totals 1100m in length. The Dhulikhel Zipline has recently featured in many vlogs. A visit to Dhulikhel Bazaar may have meant experiencing the ancient town and trying out the local delicacies there but now – thanks – to the introduction of the Dhulikhel Zipline, you can definitely get a good mix of adventure and culture!

The Dhulikhel Zipline can be managed on a day trip from Kathmandu. The adventure currently offers three types of zipline from superman zipline, classic zipline and a couples zipline. I have to say, the Superman Zipline looks the most fun! Prices start at Nrs 2500 each and go upto Nrs 4500! So, “ghumna jau, ghumna jau, ghumna Dhulikhel?”

Dhulikhel Zipline was launched in early 2019 by World Wide Adventure.

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