Lumbini Palace Resort Introduces Pond Rooms

With hotels and resorts mushrooming across the country, there’s a continuous challenge to stand out for travel businesses. Lumbini Palace Resort in Siyari-5 already has visitors flocking to the new destination. Located around water, the resorts ‘Pond Rooms’ takes inspiration from the luxurious water villas of Maldives but with it’s own twist. The photos and videos of the Pond Rooms and the resort in its entirety have already surfaced online and it definitely makes for an interesting viewing.

While the idea of the Pond Room is pretty stellar, I do hope that the final completion of the blocks exterior and interior will have more to rave about. As people from nearby regions continue to visit the resort to try out the restaurant and walk along the pond, it will be interesting to see how the months ahead unravel for the resort as staying guests arrive. Having seen the boat trips that are currently being offered, I would think that would disturb the guests staying in the Pond Rooms.

The Lumbini Palace Resort earns several points for its organic element as the resort prizes itself as The Organic Hub. With it’s own agri-production across its 18 bighas land, the resort will generate most of its food produce in-house.

I think having a water park at the resort would be an interesting concept. Regardless of the execution, I must say it’s a brave step to introduce ‘Pond Rooms’ by the Lumbini Palace Resort. I hope once the resort is fully completed and ready, we’ll have some stunning footage to view.

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