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BLACK SUMMER Coming To Oxford!

After a screening in Aldershot and Reading in September and October, the romantic thriller BLACK SUMMER will be soon be screened in Oxford on Saturday, November 3rd. Starring a pool of young...

Nepali Film BLACK SUMMER To Be Screened In Aldershot

After a slight rework, the thriller BLACK SUMMER will be screened once again at the Empire Hall in Aldershot on Sunday 9th September. The film by director LB Subba had it's first...

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Nepalese Basketball League Underway In UK

The first every Nepalese Basketball League is currently underway in the UK! The league brings eight teams from across the country.

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Luxury jewellery brand Kajal Naina's pearl necklaces made the perfect accessory for Mothers Day 2022.

Most Played Songs On SPOTIFY NEPAL

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