Well. This video is a piss-take and not serious so hmm. those were few of those things which i gathered and also id like to say. Tyo Nepali casinos ma chahi ko kaam garcha, Nepali ta huncha ni kee gora haru hunchan? Haina ra well please watch the video, rate it, comment it and subscribe to my channel at www.youtube.com/lexlimbu . The channel with the most Jharana Bajracharya videos. Log In.


  1. hahahahhahahaha saujanya tht is sooooo funny dude! i cant blieve u just talkd abt toilets and tuktuks man! hahaha public toilets re ewwww! lol they shud be bannd k, ppl should just go to hotels pay a lot and do it there! and kopilas suggestion is funny too! ya and those people shud not come sit near u in tuk tuks ! man they smell soooo badddd!!!!!!! al tht nepali kakhi and sweat is lethal!

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