Essence of Women

Although this post is a few weeks late however recently it was the International Womans Day. The Himalayan Times had asked couple of key male figures in Nepal regarding who they find a Complete Woman, Miss 10, Sexy, Beauty with Brains and Overrated. Here are some interesting ones :
Prasan Syangden (RJ) Sexy: Jharana Bajracharya
Dusky skin, amazing looks and at the same time she is smart. She definitely fits my definition of a sexy woman. Being sexy is not only about the physicality but also about the way you carry yourself and Jharana does that very well. Nima Rumba (Singer) Beauty with Brains : Malvika Subba, Usha Khadgi and Jharana Bajracharya I know them all on a personal level and they are not just about beauty for they can carry an intellectual conversation with ease. Yogeshwor Amatya (Singer) Complete Woman: Anuradha Koirala She is the one woman who has gone out of her way to do much for women.Whta she has achieved is no easy task and I am very much impressed by what she is doing. Alok Nembang (Director) Sexy: Jharana Bajracharya There is this fire in her. Off screen, she is just this simple girl next door but screen she has this appeal that many dont have. She has the gift to set the screen on fire. Vinay Shrestha (Actor) Overrated: Rekha Thapa I think she is unnecessarily hyped and tries to be perfect 10 on 10.

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