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Jharana Bajracharya has been in the print a lot lately (Saptahik, NayaPatrika, Nagarik). Im sure in Nepal theres been more sighting of her in the papers than elsewhere but from what Ive been able to read from the World Wide Web it seem as if shes going through a mind-boggling period where shes on a mission to find herself, find the girl Jharana used to be. Im guessing that in some ways, whatever she finds will influence her future decisions whether it be relationships, career or just her lifestyle in general. Most of the links are all in nepali script, some of the interesting things she reveals are that shes quit smoking, is a vegetarian now, regularly went to Bipasyana, wants to keep working as an actress provided she likes the script.
My exclusive source tells me she could be on her way to Lumbini soon. 😉

Interview about her changing lifestyle

Interview about Angapradarshan and Movies

Interview about Bipasyana

Nagarik E-Newspaper Special


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  1. Not sure if who she married was in any of the articles… but I’m very thankful that she married a White guy, it won’t change, say my parent’s opinion on the white community (“they’ll leave you in a week for another after shagging you senseless!!” I hear my mother cry but it certainly gives me a little breathing space to say I am not the only one who has fallen for a White guy and wants to make a genuine go of their relationship.
    -Without sounding like I hate Nepali guys which I don’t and I’m sure Jharana doesn’t either, just happened this way.

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