Mission Paisa – Movie Review

Starring: Nikhil Uprety, Amir Gautam, Suraj R.D., Nisha Adhikary, Ayusha Basnet, and Sunil Thapa
Director: Simos Sunuwar
Story, screenplay, graphics and editing: Simos Sunuwar
Producer: Rajeeb Shrestha and Dipika Thapa Sunuwar

When I was in Nepal during the Summer, I enquired about Mission Paisa amongst my friends, most of their response was ‘kasto jhurr movie’. Period.
Mission Paisa is a very straight forward movie with a interesting enough storyline which fails to capture the audience’s interest . Amidst all the greed for money is friendship, relationship and cultural ties. The movie has style yet the substance is lacking. I question myself why the movie could not be based in Nepal itself rather than Hong Kong; seeing the HK panorama every few minutes does get repetitive after a while. The quality of the camera they have used is excellent, cinematography, choreography for the songs etc have been improved from the traditional Nepali silverscreen. The actors have done an alright job, you cannot kill them for their performance since the movie does not ride on an emotional factor besides theres already well known faces of Nepali TV/FILM industry such as Sunil Thapa, Nisha Adhikari and Nikhil Uprety. During the last few scenes when the gang are in Kathmandu, the film finally starts moving. It is in these scenes where we can see more of the great outdoors. The fighting scenes between ‘Daisy’ and ‘Sush’ is the best that the Nepalese movies has seen. It certainly beats Rekha Thapa’s prancing around in Durga. The cinematography picks up greatly during the last scenes with an interesting end by introducing Asif Shah and Sudin Pokharel for their respective cameo’s.
Overall the movie is a good step towards the right direction although there are flaws. However, one must realise that to produce 120 minutes of footage they have endlessly worked months to create this product to bring it to the mass.

Watch It For the Action. ***

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