Dr. Chakra Raj Pandey

Nepal truly needs more doctors like Dr. Pandey.
Working as a orthopedic surgeon at the Medicare Hospital in Kathmandu, Dr. Pandey is among the few doctors who refunds the fee if the patient passes away during the treatment.

”In principal, you’ve to pay the fee for the medical service recieved” he says. ”However, I dont want to recieve the fee from bereaved family members”.

Not only this but he also treats for free if his patients have to have a second operation for the same problem. 🙂
Why cant more doctors be like this in Nepal instead of just being in a rush to get through as many patients and prescribe them with anything, not listening to patients attentively and seeing the profession as a business than a service.

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  1. wow its good to know nepal has got a doctor like him. i totally agree with you lex, its all about rush and prescribing anything to the patient, without properly understanding patients need for their wellbeing. i have came across many indian doctors in nepal, they had poor communication and poor facial expression which makes them look veeeery unfriendly. I am glad to know Dr Chakra Raj Pandey is a kind who looks after the patient as a whole person, thats totally awesome..what an excellent role model for the future generations, hats offs to you Dr. Chakra Raj Pandey!!:)

  2. ya dr pandey is really the doctor not like other doctors(medical business person). i have a pain in my back which the doctor frm capital hospital told me for MRI. on my counsultaion with others i get relieved only by physiotherapy. by the time passed on i came to know that the doctor get 45% of total cost of MRI. so whatever be the matter they asked for MRI CT Scan & X Ray only for the sake of their commission.
    so Nepal needs Dr. like you sir.

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