Nepal Is Closed

Funny title dont you think? I certainly do. Nepal witnessed its 2nd day of strike from the Maoists today which is expected to last till tommorow. Meaning, no transport, shutdown of businesses, schools etc. Its a sad sight for a developing country.
When I was in Nepal, id jump when i found out there was a bandha day coming up. Simply, it meant NO SCHOOL. However, come to terms with it. For t
hree days, all the cinemas, restaurants, hotels, shops, travel agents, musuems etc will see no customers/tourists/people (AND MANY MORE, these just popped in my head). This in turn affects the economy in such a big scale. Secondly, people still have to make ends meet and still go to their office. Thats why during a strike day the roads in Kathmandu is dotted with people. Heres some excerpts from few well known personalities in Nepal;

Bhusan Dahal (MD, Kantipur Television):-

I’m on the way to my office, taking a walk. Talking about Bandha, they should close down Nepal permanently. Why don’t they go for that? We can even deal with it. Public has gone through a lot. We don’t need politics and we don’t need anything, we can make our way through. What do I say about politics? As you know our politicians have more brains and they should utilize it more this way! You know what I mean? That’s all they can do.

Nima Rumba:-
It’s bandha since yesterday and I spent the whole day checking emails and completing the unfinished songs. I had to attend meetings, had to go for practice for upcoming shows, had to go to studio for recording…..couldn’t do it because of the bandha. Every political party promise to respect public and that has only been in words. It’s us who gets affected directly. Everyone knows this affects the economy of our country. Actually no one has the right to close down the country! ‘Bandha Garna Paidaina!!

Alok Nembang:-
The editing of my cinema was going on. The meeting got cancelled and all my shootings have also been stopped because of this!

Jharana Bajracharya:-
I didn’t have much to do so am just chilling out at home, relaxing! 😉

Surendra Man Singh ( Karma):-
Couldn’t open TNT (his restaurant in Thamel) today. All the business gets hamper. The first rule in our constitution should be no one can call a bandha!


Lex Limbu
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