Alok’s Upcoming ‘Kohi Mero’

Alok Nembang is coming out with his new movie ‘Kohi Mero’ which is expected to hit the cinemas across Nepal in a few months time. He describes this film to being a fast-paced love story unlike his previous ‘Sano Sansar’. In this movie Alok has opted to use many of Kollywoods own choregrapher; music composer etc aswell as paving new path for upcoming talents.


Kohi Mero officialy marks the return of Jharana Bajracharya back into the Nepali silverscreen. Also introduces Subash Thapa who has appeared in more than 10 Alok Nembang directed music videos. The movie is expected to be going through editing process.


Presenter: Rajesh Bansal

Producer: Suraj Bansal

Cinematographer: Raju Bikram Thapa

Music: Suresh Adhikari,Basant Sapkota,Suresh Rai

Lyrics: Suresh sdhikari,Naresh Bhattarai,Bhupendra Khadka,Suresh Rai

Asst. Director: Samrat sakya

Story: Alok Nenbang,Prawin Adhikari

Screenplay: Prawin Adhikari

Cast: Jharana Bajracharya,Sanchita Tuitel,Aryan Sigdel,Tripti Nadkar,Dinesh Sharma,Introducing Subash Thapa.


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  1. The debut actor’s name is SUBASH Thapa, not Subodh. He’s a talented (international) theatre artist who has participated in several successful plays and i’m very excited to see him on the screen!

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