Malvika Subba In Goodbye Kathmandu

Ex-Miss Nepal and media personality Malvika Subba will be seen in Nabin Subba’s upcoming movie ‘Goodbye Kathmandu’. The movie also features many other actors and filming will commence by next week. The budget of the movie is predicted to be NRS 7 million and filming is expected to be done in and around Kathmandu.
Nabin Subba directed the critically acclaimed ‘Numafung’ and also repeated the pattern of success with his most recent film ‘Dalan’.

Goodbye Kathmandu is a film about three youngsters who come from different backgrounds. But these three don’t meet each other in the film. Their individual stories provide the narration of what they witnessed and went through during the recent political turmoil in Nepal. In 115 minutes, these three will raise different social, cultural and psychological issues that many of us are still facing to this day. 

Lex Limbu
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