Korean Kraze in Kathmandu

The big shopping malls in the Kathmandu valley are fully loaded with Korean attire. The medium-cost Korean attire is not as expensive compared with European and other Western fashion products. Attitude Ladies Fashion Ware, a local franchise that sells Korean clothes, just opened a new franchise at the pricey Kingsway shopping district in Kathmandu valley.

Korean products have also become the first choice in casual wear for every age group, Prabin Ranjitkar of UFO fashion wear said. “Customers are changing their attitude. Korean products are widely popular among all age groups as they maintain quality and style. So, most of today’s youths follow the Korean style of fashion,” said Ramesh Koirala, a seller of Korean clothing.
  Korean trends are followed closely by boutiques and fashion designers who are busy replicating what they see in Korean films and fashion magazines.
Manju Banjara, a local fashion designer, is now receiving orders from her customers for exactly what the Korean actors and actresses wore in their latest films.
“I had no idea before. When I started to look at Korean films and fashion magazines, I started to get an idea of how do go with Korean fashion,” she says.

Aryal added: “People are more loyal to fashion and trends than brands.” 

A recently released Nepali film, “Mero Euta Saathi Cha” was highly successful but the key to the film’s success was Korean movie “Millionaires’ First Love.”  “It was an experiment to see what the public’s reaction would be if I took my inspiration from a foreign movie. The trial was successful as moviegoers liked my film,” said the film’s director, Sudarshan Thapa.

The impact of Korean movies on Nepali films is growing. Despite the fact that most Nepali moviegoers do not understand the Korean language, the market is surging. “It was just 3 years ago that Korean movies started to become popular here,” said another seller, Ganesh Ghimire. Most of the merchants felt that Korean movies began growing in popularity from 2007 and that the market is skyrocketing in Nepal as it continues to prosper worldwide.

How far is too far? Its always good to be inspired, learn from different cultures etc but isnt it a bit too far when you start saying ”Oppa”, ”Sarangheyo”, ”Annyang” and using it instead of your normal language?
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  1. Well the Mongol nomads who settled in Nepal have done a fine job in adapting to a new tradition and culture and forgetting their past and their Mongol history so why not learn Korean culture too?

  2. I find the faux hand-wringing over the popularity of Korean culture “at the expense of native culture” to be annoying. Compared to the overwhelming strength of US global culture, it’s nothing. Anyway, cultures grow by exposure to other cultures, a inward culture that focuses on itself alone will become a fossil.

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