Nepali Businessmen Buys Portsmouth United

Hong Kong-based businessman Balram Chainrai, who is of Nepali origin but has a British passport, became the fourth owner that Portsmouth have had this season, the English Premier League club confirmed on Thursday. Chainrai’s company, Portpin, took a controlling interest in the financiallystricken club from Ali Al-Faraj after exercising provisions linked to a 17-million-pound loan it made to the former owner, a Saudi Arabian based in British Virgin Islands.
Well Done Uncle. lol

Update: Theres been confusion regarding the origin of Balram Chainrai. Here are two sources which state that he is of Nepali descent.

Independent : Portsmouth’s fifth successive foreign owner, and the third to buy the club via a company registered in the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands, is a Hong Kong-based businessman of Nepalese extraction with a British passport. 

The First Post: Has the Nepalese businessman Balram Chainrai bought into more than he bargained for after taking control this morning of the struggling football club Portsmouth?

Apart from this, all the Nepali news sites are reporting him as a person of Nepali descent and I go by ‘Independent’ as its a highly reliable source. 

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