Where are you Jharana Bajracharya?

Arite, so ive not heard anything about Jharana Bajracharya in the press, wide web for a while now. Just wondering what she’s up to these days. I watched ‘Chahanchu Ma Timilai Nai’ few days ago and this movie was made before the Love In Nepal stint; she looked ooober hot then. Im so psyched up to see ‘Kohi Mero’, I dont know how, when or where I will see this film but eagerly waiting. Im sure that Alok Nembang will make the most of Jharana’s potential. 
BTW if you guys know anything about holding a screening of a Nepali movie abroad then please tell me or email me. Ive got plans. 😀 
Laijaa Ree is a song by the soulful Hemanta Rana. Directed by Bhusan Dahal (Kagbeni) – Starring : JB. The lyrics are so meaningful…let me pick out a line
यो भिड भन्दा धेरै पर, फर्किन चाहन्छु आफ्नै घर…लैजा रे… लैजा रे… ” 

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  1. D Video is too good…
    music, direction and non other than Jharana C looks damn sweet ^^….

    Did u have watch her movie from internet of then share d links m8…

    Anony o_0

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