CyberSansar Models – Are They Really Models? is one of the most visited Nepali website, I do not know the current statistics but its widely known that this site was one of the most visited few years ago. One clearly recieved the idea since they heavily promoted the site on magazines such as Boss and Wave”More than 5000 people a day view the website, have you” with headlines stating ; something along the lines of that. 
Back in the day when the website was known as CyberNepal, I used to be a keen viewer as I believe the whole e-modelling trend was popularised by CyberNepal. In its Hey-Deys and even sometimes now, it has produced and showcased many promising faces ranging from Kohinoor Singh, Namrata Shrestha, and Yamuna Uprety. The site has also featured many popular faces from the Nepali Film Industry ranging from the sulty Rekha Thapa, Richa Ghimire etc. However, it is clearly visible that the website has lost its quality in the models which they pick. Either the fault lies in the experience of the model or the photographer does not have any creativity apart from positioning a half-naked girl in a white background. The website has lost its trance and become as normal as any other Nepali e-modelling websites, the models which they use are nothing but vulgar with some looking like they could be from B-Grade Indian movies. A girl can look equally sexy in a sari or even a traditional Nepali dress as demonstrated by Hema Shrestha in the Maitighar remix video yet CyberSansar has consistently failed to take this approach yet we see models with bikini tops in front of pictureque locations. New websites such as TimroHamro has a better narrative in photography. What are your thoughts and views? 
Heres a very imaginative pic from Timro Hamro
Lex Limbu
Lex Limbu is a non-resident Nepali blogger based in the UK. YouTube videos is where he started initially followed by blogging. Join him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Trisha here. I love your blog and read every new entry. I just don’t comment. Lol. Bad, I know. However this, I had to.

    I don’t know how much of it is true though I did hear from a reliable source(he used to work there & is a dai). The models are just by name sake. Some of the girls are escorts (he used the word ”prostitutes”).

  2. Part 2.

    Cybersansar may look legal but in reality, it’s a portal for men to check the girls, ring the office & book them. I’ll clarify once again that it’s SOME girls & this is purely hear say.

    Keep blogging. I’m hungry for more. = )

  3. i’m not surprised, trisha – in fact i wouldn’t use the word ‘models’ for these girls.
    a model is a girl who shows a designers garment, or a girl who gives meaning & a face to a certain style (whether it’s clothing, make-up, hair, beauty).
    but these are not models- these are pin up girls.

  4. woooooohhh…
    i totally agree with you here.again it kinda comes down to the situation n government in Nepal. i cant explain fully but to some extent hamro desh ma jati praysh garna khojeni akhirma ramro bato dekhaune nabhae pachi ya kamm bhae pachi any field…something that could have turned out superb at the end of the day gets labelled as …lets say not superb? i dunno im finding it difficult to catch the rite words….ok ifeel im bbaabbling on too much

  5. Damn i gotta tell u this..

    i m impressed that there os a neplai site that doesnt have slutty pcis of nepali girls but rather more professional looking n more editorial phots and i m also impressed by u lex..i love reading ur blogs n watch ing ur utube videos keep on writing more blogs 🙂


  6. i agree***
    …dats the reason y i hate nepali models n their modelling….i hate all those kinds of models….those models dunno how to walk in a ramp n what epression to tk out at that time….no nice poze nor look… ruins even the beauty of the dress or garments of the designers…hate these models n the sites or nefing that publishes them to the world…

  7. I guess Trisha is right ! But I have some of my friends in there as model too but I dun have any idea what they are up to !! No offense !!
    and Lex , change it to Word press rather than this Blog spot , Design really Suck man …No offense !!
    Take care

  8. its true most of the girls affiliated with cybersansar are into prostitution, cs acts as a pimp. thats how the brothers who own cs made money and drive expensive vehicle. i have caught few models in shangrila hotel with marwadis, s*$#@ gurung..i was shocked

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